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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
nice... but as we've seen, the 8800/9800 performs better than the 3870/GX2 at UHD. When they pop one of those on a mainboard...then things will start cooking Heck, they already do a mobile 8800 for laptops, so it's by all means feasible - moreso an inevitable really

well, i say you're missing the point. correct me if i'm wrong, but NegSun was talking about Hybrid XFire with a 780G IGP and a discreet 3450 card. a mid-range Hybrid XFire system doesn't even stack up to a single 3870 much less an 8800/9800. oh yeah, and don't forget that there's also about a $150-300 price difference between the two. now, in my mind, that's like comparing a Porche to a VW.

if you want to make it even, then you really need to compare it to something similar from Nvidia, and at this point, there are no Hybrid SLi systems available much less benchies to compare it.

yeah, i can see your point that only high res benchies should be considered, but your still talking about cutting edge, not mainstream. just because something is affordable doesn't mean that there's automatically large consumer base waiting to pick it up and use it right away. something like moving from low-res gaming to high-res gaming is probably going to take a while especially considering what gamers are actually using.

according to Valve's Hardware Survey, over 70% of gamers (link) are still using 4:3 aspect monitors, and that means the best you're going to get there is 1600x1200, but most 4:3 monitors usually max at 1280x1024, and that means that low-end benchmarks are still quite relevant in every GPU market.

sorry mate, but it just seems that you're real quick to point that stuff out when it hardly seems like a fair comparison, especially for us folks that still have a budget to consider.

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