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sorry mate, but it just seems that you're real quick to point that stuff out when it hardly seems like a fair comparison, especially for us folks that still have a budget to consider...
We all have a budget to consider! If I was so well monied for finances not to be a consideration, I'd be in my beach house in the bahamas, strolling around trying not to bump into the LCD walls

You are making the haughty assumption that the results of a DRM content delivery client(aka Steam) are representative of 70% of the gaming market!

Ive definitely never used it, and I know many that can say the same.

Rather than looking at steams results, we should consider the market forces that propel the manufacturers to churn out the amount of product they do. If the mid>higher end was only attracting 30% of the market share **of the gaming market** what would that say about their profit margin??

2 years ago I was playing KOTOR/2 maxed at 1280... I wonder if I wouldve gotten sour-pussed for saying

Originally Posted by Astro 2006
awe cmon! In 2 years we'll be gaming at HD! Mark my words!!
When ATI and nvidia churn out lower price products that make a decent run at good performance on lower end machines, the gains made also transfer over to playable output rez, otherwise thered be no point upgrading a graphics card, if all you want is 60fps at 1024.

Hybrid and fusion tech is the way of the future, because it combines a way of delivering improved performance, at a lower overhead cost to manufacturers, not to mention the power efficiency advantages for consumers.

To quote Guru3Ds 2008 Cebit report:

....Hybrid powah ... you guys are going to hear so much about it this year, you have no idea. Good stuff for sure....

...You already heard about it here at Guru3D, early staged but obviously NVIDIA is working hard on Hybrid solutions as well. Very simply put, after nForce 790 all their mainboards will get an integrated graphics core.
Their CeBit 2008 coverage is awesome, if you are a gear head and you havent checked it out yet, its a must read!

Of course, hybrid tech, esp in higher end gaming terms wont be getting you 1337 SLI figures in crysis just yet, but something like this (and project fusion) is the kick up the backside the industry needed(from an R&D point of view)

here's a peek at the future

From a curiosity POV, I'll start a poll for what is the max native rez of our monitors. Im curious to see if we get that 70-30% split


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