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Whats your native rez?

Relevant to a discussion elsewhere about prevalent monitor standards, please take the time to fill in the native (max)resolution of your pc monitor >> regardless of whether its LCD, CRT. Even include a TV or laptop display >> basically if its displaying a pc please list it!

This is purely what the max rez your display supports, not what you have to dumb it down to get crysis at 10fps This is merely to determine what is most prevalent amongst displays we have.

As gaming rez is subjective depending on what pc hardware you have and what game you are playing, that is for another discussion!

For those that have multiple displays, as many of us do, Ive allowed more than one choice so we can get more displays represented.

If you have one of those unusual figures Ive missed, write it in a post below

It will be interesting to see what the results are, I think LFN techies are a decent slice of the pc'ing crowd in general.

EDIT: If you have more than one monitor at the same native rez, please list it in a post.

I have 2 displays at 1360x768(my htpc displays), so +1 for that category.


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