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Nymphadora, unaccustomed to sympathy from others and unaccustomed to giving it, replied rather rudely, "You know nothing of me. I suggest you go back to your ship and be gone." She then turned her back towards him to look at the ruins.
Zephyr, aware that Nymphadora was put out by assumptions on this human's part, spoke, "You have to excuse her. If you knew Anatolians as you claim, you would know that they are not swayed by sympathy." He then shrugged a shoulder and added, "What can you expect from a race of warriors and artisans?"
"More warrior than artisan, Z." Nymphadora said it without looking. The ridges on her neck were giving off a strange colorful glow. At one point they looked red like fire.
"But still the artisan," Zephyr replied, "Even if it is with a sword." He then looked up at the Human. He asked, "What brings you deep into Tanarian space Human? Only those that know the Currents can get in and out undetected."

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