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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
You are making the haughty assumption that the results of a DRM content delivery client(aka Steam) are representative of 70% of the gaming market!

Ive definitely never used it, and I know many that can say the same.
Astro, have you looked at the number of unique samples in that survey?


I've seen government bodies publish reports with less samples than that and claim it to be "representative".
Fact is as well, Steam is a gamer-orientated community, so I would consider those numbers as very accurate in the gaming community, for example it also states the 2GB of RAM is pretty much standard and the 8800 is the top GPU, all sounds reasonable to me

I'm not disputing the fact that gaming isn't moving to a widescreen, Hi-Rez level, just that Hybrid Crossfire with cheap Ati single GPU solutions (even the HD3850 or 3870 can be considered cheap nowadays, or at least very good value for money) can lease a new life to the lower resolutions for todays' most modern games, as they've proven themselves to be more than capable at resolutions of 1680x1050 or below...

Fair enough, 24" 1920x1200 are dropping in price like mad, but to most people they're still a bit too much to stretch a budget to, 17", 19" and 22" even are the sweet spots these days for value for money, and at those resolutions, Hybrid Crossfire can do some serious damage, even with a low end discrete GPU...

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