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Cia laughed softly as the bard departed, annoyed by her silence. But she had not remained silent without reason, for she knew exactly what had happened to his pouch of leaves. On her way into town, she had seen the pouch discarded on the ground, possibly dropped there by one who could not determine the worth of such an item. Another had come and lifted the pouch from the ground and Cia had snatched it effortlessly from that man. So it was that Cia had the bard's pouch when he had asked her if she'd seen it, but she knew that if she'd handed it over straight away, he'd likely have accused her of stealing it. After all, what else would a thief do?

So she had remained silent, her eyes never leaving his. She watched him leave with the stranger who'd just come in looking for a place to hide and shook her head thoughtfully. "It's never simple," she murmured. Rising to her feet, she left the tavern, walking slowly so as not to overtake the bard and his newfound friend.

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Radek had not responded to Skarra's comment of their being plenty of unguarded towns he could easily pick up. It was clear that, though all of them needed protection, none would truly have Radek's heart as Palmino had. That path of discussion came to an end and they went on in silence to the North Gate.

He listened in as Skarra pressed the dwarf with questions of the journey, and when the dwarf turned away, Radek leaned in closer to Skarra and murmured, "I get the sense there are a few things he's not telling..."

Before he could continue, someone approached, inquiring as to their purpose at the gate. Radek shook his head and jerked a thumb in the direction of the dwarf. "It's a job... ask him."

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