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Originally Posted by Alkonium
The image of Gul Balen appeared on the Griffin's viewscreen. "Attention bounty hunters: It has come to our attention that one human still lives, even after the destruction of the Sol System, and our subsequent purge of their race. We are offering a substantial reward of 2 million tanarian sovereigns to anyone who brings him to us, dead or alive." He said, and then his vanished.
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Tale fell of his chair.
"2 MILLIONS?!?" he shouted out.
"Yes, 2 million...a very high price." JO-7O replied.
"Hmm...that's way higher than the other ones...And all for a simple human, why?"
"I've tried to do some research around the matter, I couldn't find much but something that appears to be a prophecy. A prophecy that might be of the humans and the tanarians."
"A prophecy? *sigh* I don't believe in such stupid if it's all written in stone from the dawn of time. But that might explain the destruction of Earth..."
Tale walked from the cockpit. "Scan the nearby systems if there are any trace of a human...or human technology!" He headed for a small room, where he kept his weapons. He looked around and picked up a two pistols, some grenades and a blaster rifle, one good for both sniping and assaulting. He then shook his head and then in all the sudden started to laugh.
"What's so funny, master?"
"Hah I don't know...I just got the feeling this is going to be tough. Have you found anything?"
"I've discovered some on the planet Axius. A ship that goes by the name of Last Hope."
"Axius...Last Hope...JO-7O, I don't know how you work, but you're great. No, better than great actually, I don't know what I would do with out you."
Tale went back to the cockpit and punched in the coordinates for Axius.
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