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Tale looked at the man. "Are you always in such a good mood?". Tale smiled and headed towards the dwarf. When he came to the dwarf he asked, with a friendly voice.
"Greetings master dwarf! I heard you have some work going on. And it's your lucky day, for I am looking for one."
Tale turned around, and looked at the centaur and his face suddenly turned sad. He hadn't seen a Centaur for a long time...a very long time. Tale always liked the Centaurs, he always found them look so proud, nobel and royal compared with other species.
For a minute his thoughts went back to his best friend, a Centaur named Kimo. But Kimo was now dead, and Tale was alone. A tear came out of Tale's left eye. He dried his tear and turned back to the dwarf.
"So how about that job? I'm a good archer, and I'm in great need of money."
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