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Originally Posted by hatae55
I play SW BF 1 on the mac i do not know if this problem has been fixed in BF2 but it is extremely difficult for standard infantry to take on a tank. Even being an ARC trooper, it requires several shots to kill a hover tank( i like being clones). in Instant Action, the AI will still challenge a tank, resulting in my losing, despite clocking over 100 kills. I would be cool if the driver poked out of the hatch or you could jump on top of the tank and trow a grenade/ shoot into the cockpit.

also, make this for mac..Please???? maybe be then, my dad will give back my Intel he's addicted to it. Seriously, UT3 is looking like the best mac fps in the near future

EDIT: I don't know about BF2, but 1 has poor AI, an upgrade would be nice

EDIT2:Also, on the infantry side, i think you should trash the Jedi, if you want to play Jedi, get Force Unleashed or Jedi Academy. I love being just a plain clone trooper kick'n ass.

EDIT3: *hehe, a lot of edits* one cool thing would be character customization like in halo2/3 don't make it an obvious copy, make it Star Wars

EDIT4: Why is there a down arrow in front of my topic? no more edits, i promise, maybe...

EDIT5: more edits, this time, squad command. In SWBF1, there are squad commands. The only problem is, i dont know who is listening and who isn't. Maybe there could be a list of AI in the vincinity to choose from, or you command who you aim on w/ your reticle Mac users ftw
Yeah and why would the driver poke his head out of the tank. It doesn't make any sense he???

And remember that almost all vehicles have weakness spots!!

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