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Missions: Help!

Please, help me! I can't seem to finish mission 3, where we have to recover some data that our sister accidentally trashed. OK, we go scan the first cargo area. Success. We enter cargo area two and we see that there is a ship (raider) that is trying to steal from us. I managed to destroy it. We scanned the containers in second cargo area, OK. Third one. First, I'm under attack by two Rzr/F Razor ships and I destroyed them, but then, near the containers, there is a ship PES Enkidu and it "aborts its mission" and "it has gotten away". Do I have to necessarily destroy it or can it hyperspace away and still win the mission? Because after it hyperspaces, the mission doesn't seem to fail; it continues. I scan all the containers in the third cargo area and after that I "have to return home". OK, going home through the Navigation Buoy. After I hyperspace in, I don't get any more quests, so I guess I should dock within the station. I press SHIFT + D to dock (is that so?) and the ship does some strange automatic maneuvers and then: nothing! It does nothing! It doesn't dock and I can't finish the mission! Or was the problem with Enkidu hyperspacing away? Please, help me!

PS 1: Is there a walkthrough or something for the game?
PS 2: Oops, I think I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Sorry.

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