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((Alkonium: I was thinking Gul Balen as Sol Bekura's XO until they speak to the Elders and he is given his own ship))

"Some of us seek answers as well," Zephyr agreed, "Though you are a bit trusting in assuming that we wouldn't turn you in."
"He thinks that we won't because we were affected by the Tanarians, Z," Nymphadora replied still keeping her back turned to the human. She looked at the ruins intently still not believing that her people once helped theirs and they repaid her people by enslaving their colonies and killing her family.

"Captain, we are entering the Axius system."
"Drop us out helm." Commander Sol Bekura looked through the viewscreen at the system. Axius Prime was rumoured to be the site of the ancient ones of his people. He was sent here by the Elders to patrol for a renegade that smuggled in goods to the slave colonies and freed them. He sighed thinking why in the name of Tanara they sent him on a wild goose chase.
That his service record was impressive no doubt but the Elders could not stand for his attitude towards their decisions. He fought for honor and glory. Murdering civilians was not a way to achieve that. It was a wonder he received the Grevlinswa at all. Now he was looking for someone who is like a leaky pail trying to hold water in. He would search for the ship albiet reluctantly. He still didn't approve of the extermination of the Humans. They would have been better off being made slaves. "Set a course for Axius Prime. We start patrol there. Scan for any vessels resembling the description of the stock freighter."
Bekura then turned to his right hand Gul Balen. Bekura eyed Balen with some thought. Balen was ambitious and fully believed in exterminating all Humans and followed relentlessly on the rumour of one's survival. He said, "Lt. Gul Balen, you have the bridge."

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