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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
Astro, have you looked at the number of unique samples in that survey?


I've seen government bodies publish reports with less samples than that and claim it to be "representative".
Negsun!! dig out your stats manual and check what figure for population value ("n") mathematically proven to be constituent of a normal distribution. The Bell curve *never* lies! (answer n=50)

Think about how many gamers there are in the whole world, 1.5m into that number is nowhere near 70%, and hence cannot be said to represent 70% of all gamers... but only "70% of all gamers who use steam" >> The reason is because unlike government assays and scientific experiments, the population has not been randomly allocated/selected, so its power to be truly representative is not as strong.

The native rez poll has confirmed my suspicions that the uptake of 1600+ rez displays is on the increase > the numbers are slightly skewed towards the 12xx range simply due to the fact that so many people have laptops. Interesting to know, nonetheless

It would be good to see what the same poll run at G3D would dredge up

Another factor that I'd like to throw in as far as representation is concerned are multimedia pc owners. Due to the advent of HD in TV/Cable/BRay, the adoption of HD displays has increased staggeringly, and for those with multimedia pcs, the GPUs have stepped up a few notches accordingly.

Prediction you can bet you house on: The format wars having been decided, when BR drives hit pcs as a norm, these being accompanied by HD ready displays is simply inevitable. Considering you can now get oem BR/DVDRW for $200US(almost 200% less than 12 months ago), this time isnt too far off!


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