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*PLOTTT CHANGE: Zelly left the group after being rescued by halo (refer to whereever the hell that part was) and it's been a few months. She's currently looking for answers. Sqiggy was given to the group as a parting gift.*
as for the dark thing: evil twin?

So deep, that it didn't even bleed and catch me
Off guard, red handed
Now I'm far from lonely
Asleep, I still see you lying next to me
So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me, I...

Zelda's ipod turned off and she swore under her breath.

Zell: Fu**ing batterey. Dammit.

She shoved the dead ipod into her jacket pocket and sighed. It was a bit lonely since her departure; killing off the remaining dragons, wandering aimlessly around the cities, or, what was left. It seemed nothing remained anymore. She would occasionaly run into a surviver or two, though nothing more. She blamed Dark, of course. But, who didn't.

She stopped her thinking as she neared her destination. An old boarding school: her school. It was just ruins by now, though it appeared the dorms were intact. She slowly walked across the courtyard of dried, yellowish grass and ash. She felt a few tears forming, though she held them in. Zell made her way to the second story and stopped at her dorm. The door was open, and rustling was inside. She walked over closer, soon relizing she was making the boards shriek. She stepped back and the person in the room seemed to notice her presence. She heard no noises from inside and sighed. She made her way quickly down the halls, searching for answers.

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