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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett
Holy cow, Jebs, I hope you're feeling better.

I broke a tooth a few months back. I didn't think much of it at the time and just figured that I'd have it fixed the next time I went to the dentist.

Unbeknownst to me was that when I broke the tooth it cut my gum badly. I'm cruising along a few months later, feeling relatively fine when I start to get some pretty bad mouth pain so first thing that Monday morning I call the dentist and schedule an appointment for as soon as he could get me in - two weeks later. No big deal. I figured I could just take some pain killers and hold out a couple weeks.

If my life was game show, here's where you would be hearing the, "YOU LOSE", sad horn sound.

By that Friday I was taking over 1000mg of pain killers every three hours and could still barely stand. I can only liken the sensations running through my body at that point to being strung up by my big toes and beaten with wooden dowels wielded by small Mexican children running in circles around my withered body; hoping that if they hit me just right, I would crack open and surrender unto them my sweet sweet sugar candies.

Saturday morning I somehow managed to drive six hours to Iowa for an emergency doctors visit. Yes, I had to drive myself because my brother and his wife wanted to go out on Friday. Thanks guys. When I get there I finally get some epic amounts of penicillin into me and I'm reigned back in from the brink of outer darkness. As it turns out, I had gotten a bacterial flesh infection through my gum that had spread all the way down to the tops of my legs. As added bonuses, the stress on my system had caused my adrenals to completely shut down, I had developed a mild addiction to prescription pain killers and, oh yes, as it turns out I'm also allergic to penicillin so I was able to enjoy a zesty bout of hives through the recovery process.

This was about a month ago and I've since pretty much recovered completely.
Holy S***

Talk about epic bad luck

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