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Originally Posted by pngnman
Ugh. Im trying to play my gavorite game ever (psychonauts) and this messgae pops up right before it starts that says:

The game was unabl to create the Direct3D device.
Please to ensure your video drivers are installed properly.

Can someone on here please tell me what I need to do to play psychonauts agin. I signed up to this community just so I could ask this question.

Whoops, I put this in the wrong place. Like I said, I'm new here. Could a moderator move this please?
Were you able to play Psychonauts on this machine before? If so you made need to re-install your video drivers, but that's tricky and could leave your system without video.

Here's some of the standard stuff that's a little safer to try, but anything you do to Windows could leave the system unusable. Be warned.

If on WinXP be at Service Pack 2. If on Vista, configure Psychonauts to run in a WinXP SP2 environment.

Upgrade to the latest drivers for your video and sound cards.

Upgrade to latest version of DirectX.

Run Scandisk a few times, then defragment the hard drive.
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