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Originally Posted by Qliveur
Two 9800GX2s. And... surprise! It still can't play Crysis worth a damn.
tremendous cost aside, 50fps at 2560 isnt bad at all. Do we really need to go into all that stuff about how our eye doesnt catch much over 60Hz, which equals the base average of 60fps as far as game performance goes.... add to that the fact that there are no UHD monitors that output 1600p above 60Hz anyway, so 50/60 aint too bad.

Still, I agree that the efficiency of the G92 coudl be better... Though AMDs comparative GX2 effort is an also-ran as far as high end gaming performance is concerned. I can see AMD carving themselves a niche(as they always have) but they are not likely to topple nvidia in the high end GPU game.

And of course, with regards to CPUs, we all wait with baited breath as to what the 3.0GHz+ Phenoms will do...!!

SLI/XF isnt the issue, its how its implemented. Just like having multi CPU sockets isnt efficient as them on one die, multi GPU onto one mainb/PCB is the necessary next step...coupled with optimised games/apps/drivers... and dare I say x64?!


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