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The guards rushed past the two and into the tavern while the bard hastened their step, practically throwing themselves into a nearby alleyway before looking behind the corners for any guards nearby.
"That went better than I hoped" he noted before looking over at Icarian and smiling slightly at their success.
"You should probably get out of town before sunrise. There's a merchant leaving from the north gates at sunset. I'm going with him and I suggest you hitch a ride as well, because it might be the only way you can get out of town before sunrise without drawing too much attention to yourself" Eldir said and took his shield back, strapping it onto his back once more.

"The name's Eldir, by the way. Some have given me the added name Eastwind Crow, but I don't encourage you use that"


The dwarf looked at Tale and raised an eyebrow at the tear falling from the corner of his eye. The sudden emotion was rather silly on the accord of the dwarf, but he eventually nodded.
"Sure, lad. Can't ever have too much protection, even if this much people might drain my pouches of gold rather swiftly" the dwarf told him and looked around at the people gathered by the north gate. He had invited a bard to keep him amused on the trip and would wait for a while past sunset if he would show his face around the north gate. He of course hoped it wouldn't go that far.

The Centaur looked over at Radek and smirked openly.
"You think? He's a dwarven merchant. They are always hiding something" Skarra noted and turned his smirk into a wide smile accompanied by a short burst of laughter.

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