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Well i installed a mod today (the accurate resize mod) and i didnt like it. Soooo i decided to get rid of it. i went to control panel and (since i couldnt find the mod's file) i decided to delete the game and reinstall it. i clicked delete etc. and put the disc in ( gold edition) but the only options were to uninstall or play. "But i just deleted it oh no!" I clicked uninstall to see what would happen but it never responded. i clicked on the shortcuts EVERTHING! nothing is working. so then i decided to use my undelete program to get the files all back but i put them in the wrong spot. i have no idea what to do since im not sure where the files go, how to make the game respond or install, or simply how to fix this! if you have any ideas on where to start, or where to put the files to get it to work again TELL ME WHAT TO DO! i am utterly completely undeniably stuck!
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