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It is a time of confusion and chaos..

The First Galactic Empire was formed by the new Emperor Palpatine at The Senate Rotunda.
Jedi's were rebelling and afterwards killed at the Coruscant academy by Military Executor Darth Vader, but in an orbital city called Rrudobar at planet Duro things were going better than in Coruscant, people were all well and doing there daily business..

At the cantina ''The One Legged Tach'' were two not so well known smugglers, a Duros called Rane Madak and his long time friend Bartogg the Gammorean talking about the situation at Coruscant and how it will affect their lifes..

*Rane watches the holonews at the cantina telling about the situation on Coruscant*

Rane: i cant believe that this is really happening iv been watching news for 3 days telling about the Jedis that rebel against the republic or now the empire.. that they are the traitors bla bla bla and then the emperor talking about the future of the galaxy and peace and so forth.. Bartogg Duro is part of the republic it means that it will go automatically under Dictation of the Empire, Duro has to surrender and that means we getting the hell out of this rock!
il take still one shot of juma juice and then we shall leave whit our new ship the Jerbitho II *looking at the ship holocron*

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"You listen to Cassus Fett, and your son's sons will have nothing to do—because you'll have conquered everything!"
―Cassus Fett to Gormer

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