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Though Curudir didn't trust the Dwarf, he did not say anything, as his mind was preoccupied with the thought of going to Stonehaven. He was divided about the fact that he would be able to get the directions he needed, but that would only lead to further directions, constantly leading him to nothing. On the other hand, he trusted the men there as far as he could throw them. Probably all at once. He'd heard stories of the men at that accursed fort had done to merchants simply seeking shelter from the forces of nature. They'd demand a sizeable portion of their gold and goods just for even the most meagre bedding for the night. And still, most of them did not make it out alive.

"There is something he's not telling us, but I intend to find out what it is before we get to Port Jasper." He then said to Radek. "Do you really think he trusts us that much either?"

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