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Jove - your hover trick worked quite well for a couple of the figments, thanks again. The rest I was making more difficult than they actually are. By moving the cows around while in 'large' mode, or jumping off a land mass instead of a building, I was able to grab the others. Really haven't had any problems since other than Velvetopia -
trying to get the power-up and cat figment on a ledge down the street from the fire escape - one long jump. I'm in the Meat Circus now, and the game is close to an end...tried to stretch it out as long as I could.
Originally heard good things about Psychonauts from a rerun of X-Play and bought copies of it from a local Big Lots for six bucks each. Gave one to my 12 year old nephew as a Christmas gift, and have been playing the other myself. Think my nephew breezed through the thing (he called asking about a segment I hadn't reached) - but don't know if he spent time looking for all the extras.
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