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Originally Posted by Cliche
Jove - your hover trick worked quite well for a couple of the figments, thanks again. The rest I was making more difficult than they actually are. By moving the cows around while in 'large' mode, or jumping off a land mass instead of a building, I was able to grab the others. Really haven't had any problems since other than Velvetopia - trying to get the power-up and cat figment on a ledge down the street from the fire escape - one long jump. I'm in the Meat Circus now, and the game is close to an end...tried to stretch it out as long as I could.
Originally heard good things about Psychonauts from a rerun of X-Play and bought copies of it from a local Big Lots for six bucks each. Gave one to my 12 year old nephew as a Christmas gift, and have been playing the other myself. Think my nephew breezed through the thing (he called asking about a segment I hadn't reached) - but don't know if he spent time looking for all the extras.
Good work. Glad to help.

Yahtzee Croshaw's Zero Punctuation review of Psychonauts, right?

Don't give up on the game after a single playthrough. I was still finding new clever stuff after playing Psychonauts ten times.

Let us know how the final level goes.
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