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Tale sat down and took some water and a piece of bread, which he had carried from his latest journey. When he ran out of water he grabbed a boy running by.
"Good evening kid, isn't this a bit late for you to be up and running?"

"No, not today, I have to help daddy preparing his store for tomorrow, we have a grand sale."

"Is that so? Anyway, are you intressed in earning some money? You see I have a waterbag here, and there is a problem. It's empty, could you go refill it for me?" Tale said and gave the boy the waterbag.

"Yes, sir!" the boy said and ran away. Tale pulled up his blade and started to sharpen it and strengthend his bow. He looked at the people around the centaur, giving the dwarf suspecious looks. He had been listening half-actively on their conversation, and he could help smiling at his fellow comrades on this job. He didn't really care whether or not the dwarf was hiding something, on the contrary he would have been suprised if he wasn't. Suddenly the boy came running again and gave Tale the waterbag and recieved a payment as agreed.

"A pleasure doing business with you, sir." the boy said.

"Thanks lad..."
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