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Heh Thrik, it's a new addiction. It was kicked for years! Well, since we stopped playing worms anyway.

Also! I'm fairly certain I gave you that dream advice back in the day. Well maybe not but I do remember talking to you about it. Good times!

Bah. I just looked in the log but I couldn't find anything really good.

<elTee> Now I was running along the rooftops of buildings, trying to get into the centre of town. I remember thinking something about horses along the lines of I wonder if youd be allowed to ride a horse down that road (the road alongside the buildings I was jumping from) and thinking you might have to write to ask the council before you tried it. I also wondered how the police got their horses into the town centre, and if civilian riders would be privy to the same rights as to be able to ride them down the high-street. Im not sure, but at one point I may even have been riding a horse, but I at least imaged one on the roof with me, because I could hear the sound of its hooves on the slate tills, and I thought it might slip off.
<elTee> I've got 8 ****ing pages of this ****
<elTee> you should do it too thriko ;
<elTee> when your recall improves you realise what ****ed up **** you dream about every night :~
<elTee> one or two online people have ****ing cropped up in mine
<elTee> last night I was driving down a freeway and gabez was in a car behind me
<Thrik> hahaha
<elTee> seriously!
<elTee> once Remi was in my kitchen

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