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"Well," Ave said, "Dragons have been randomly attacking, but Psycho's training himself with the blades of chaos extra hard and can easily take down a mature dragon in, like, 2 minutes." Psycho nodded, "I've been honing my abilities, and am basically a jedi minus a lightsaber. BUT! Luke's been collecting a few tinkering things, and I know of cave behind the waterfall in the gardens with some weird crystals in it. So, with a little work on the old build-your-own-lightsaber-kit, I could have a real one. Halo, Turtle and Dav have all gone missing, looking for you, and haven't returned. So basically, it's us four versus Dark."
Zelda nodded, it was a bit hard to take in, all this information.
"And what have you been up to?" Luke asked, leaning against the cold metal wall.
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