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Lemons cant be sold at a reasonable price these days with the rush of blood to ones head and the such larks of a sailors lapel strings. I wish the apple blossom over there would make friends with that tall pot of hot warmed up syrup just for good laughs and great casual bonds. Never has one felt such envy of otters for their bewilderment over such debates as library book return policy and crayoning in the dark with roger bannister. Who knows where the wind will take salisbury steak to next maybe some god damn needy kids will be able to succle on the tenderness of the prime meat instead of the grave and selfish boys of the rotterdam institute for orphaned war turtles of the congo.

Fresh olives are never to far apart so the way to look for them is using a rather large tent pole and furiously carving wood sculptures for infant badgers who need to learn basic motor skills that you dont learn in the modern family unit. Can one not throw boulders that should be stones but for intrigue are boulders at confiscated animals such as the rabbitfoxadodril of south wales or the camel toad who knows no bounds when it comes to checkers in Devon. Leave me alone and you will see aisles of white paper not quite arranged according to any modern system of intent but of voodoo curse that rots the soul of carol vordamon while she strives to callaborate semi colons and the like with nothing but meer californian speckeled gravy in a tin that can barely hold the residual liquid. Cast visions of grey geese in to the equation and you dont get the whole picture, they like to cast doubt over the ones that wear the silk garments and big pizza based coats that cry out to be stapled in an unorthadox fashio that makes the coat crumble in places where one desires crumbs not to live but breed and create a race of super crumbs that will engulf parts of new mexico but will never break the boarder that contains the sultana ridge as it is just to god damn cloudy for there taste, plus they wear hats that remind me of seagulls playing archery!
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