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Originally Posted by Char Ell
That's what I hear. Have you seen any of the new Hybrid Crossfire RS780 motherboards available for purchase yet? I'm interested in seeing what is available and if any of the h/w sites have done performance reviews yet. I'm not sure that Hybrid Crossfire is at a point that I would be interested in it just yet.
I've posted about it in the Hardware Megathread actually, Clicky

More news

7 New Phenoms!
^ Thank f***! Looks like AMD's been studying Intel's recent price cuts and is going for the lower end of the market to swoop some of Intel's ground there, good move IMO, if they can't beat the raw Intel power, beat them on value!
It needs to stay really close to the 100 mark if it's to take people's eyes off the Q6600 that's now sitting lower at 145, which it looks like it's doing:

AnandTech's in-depth review of the new Phenoms
^ Very interesting read, and it's good to see AMD is creeping closer to the 3.0Ghz mark, and is finally offering some real competition thanks to it's extremely good pricing towards the Q6600.

HD3850X2 on the way?
^ Rumor atm, but interesting nonetheless, and it would seem to fit in AMD's current strategy...If it manages to bring us a card like that for under 150 then it would just plain pwn the mi-range!

zomg new Eee with 8.9" Touch Screen!!!
^ 1Gb of RAM and 12Gb SSD!!! I wants it!

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