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"Murgol of Morlingaad and I don't pay overly curious people. That is all you need to know about me" the dwarf responded to the questions and looked towards the town central, hoping to see the elf on his way there soon. And he didn't have to wait for long either. Eldir led Icarian and, without knowing it, Cia as well towards the dwarf and is cart.

"None you should know about and even less of which you should ask about"
The elven bard told Icarian as he walked straight to the dwarf, observing the cart on his way and nodding a hello to the familiar Centaur.
"I'm here, master dwarf. Is this the group you have collected?" Eldir asked and jumped on the cart to sit.
"Aye, lad. He coming with you?" the dwarf responded and pointed at Icarian.
"Yes, even if I do not know for how much of the trip he will be joining us. Trouble with the locals" the bard told the Dwarf who nodded with a smile and sat on the drivers bench of the cart, grabbed a cane on the bench and whacked both of the beasts pulling the cart so they would get a move on.
"Everyone who's coming with me and expecting pay, I'd advise you to follow" the Dwarf called out before the oxes crossed to outside the town.

Cia had been noticed by Icarian, true, but he had not reacted to her and so she could follow Eldir all the way to the North Gate safely. However, her plan went sour when a ranger Centaur stepped in front of her and blocked her from walking over to Eldir to return the pouch.
"Only a thief walks with as light of a step as yours even on city streets. Are you following someone or going to join the group, for you may not pass if it is the first one" Skarra told Cia with a hand raised towards her signaling for a stop.

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