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Kadis nodded at the dwarf's words. He was obviously none too bright - declaring that he doesn't pay the curious pretty much blatantly declared that whatever was in these carts was either questionable, illegal, or highly dangerous.

Not that it was going to dissuade him from coming with them. Anything but, it made the prospects even more attractive. All he'd need to do was figure out what the Dwarf was hiding and then alert the officials, after he'd leveraged his knowledge into a sizable block of gold. Blackmail would also be effective, but Dwarves tended to be suspicious and wary, even the idiots among them. Alternatively, he could attempt to steal the goods, but attempting to get away with a full cart of goods without a coterie of men aiding him would be a feat in and of itself. Of course, if he were hauling contraband, he'd have it buried in crates of grain or something similar. Otherwise, this Dwarf was going to need to drop a series of extremely hefty bribes.

He increased his pace, catching up to the cart.

"Before I walk halfway across the world guarding whatever you've jammed into the back of this cart, Dwarf, I want to know - what are you paying us?"

The Mercenary's Creed: Never do anything until payment has been properly and clearly arranged. Charity was for fools. The lack of any clear number placed on this job suggested the Dwarf wasn't being entirely honest, but then again, he had already as good as admitted to hauling contraband, so an apparent lack of honesty was hardly shocking.
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