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Atris could be the new Traya. Her Dark hatred takes over and she is able to find the True Sith much easyier than Revan because she is truly full of hatred and darkness. Exile finnaly finds Revan and while Revan knows he needs to destroy Atris and the True Sith the Exile thinks Atris can see the light once more. This is just the begining of the K3 story. Revan and Exile go sepperate ways to find Atris and the True Sith. Depending on who you play with IMO Revan should be the PC you either end of killing Atris than Exile joins Dark side or Exile finds Atris first and she converts the Exile... Together the Exile and Atris find the True Sith. Their leader (I think there should be a King and Queen/Emperor and an Emperess) sees there pontential and takes them both as his new Apprentices... The rest of the story follows Revan, tracking down Atris, Exile, the True Sith and stopping them by any means. Before the Final battle you fight Atris and the Exile but you should be able to choose who you can save between them or you save neither of them. Than you get to meet your match after kicking every villian's ass and battle the True Sith King/Queen/Emperess/Emperor.

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