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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
zomg new Eee with 8.9" Touch Screen!!!
^ 1Gb of RAM and 12Gb SSD!!! I wants it!
ya, with financial year ticking over soon, astro will be giving his current eee back and getting this one... I do think touchscreen is ridiculous unless you can flip the screen around and go tablet style on it >> who wants to reach over a keyboard to write on a touchscreen !! its just doesnt make any sense!

All we need is a hsdpa sim slot and it will be the ubertoy the original OLPC eee could never be >>though you can mod it to achieve this with a bit of trickery

Good to see AMD coming into the game with their thinkin caps on. Not overyone wants 60fps at 1600p. The phenoms can do what most people need to do with PCs, and if they can do it cheaper, they have intel beat from a mass market POV......thats where the money's at!


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