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I'm having a bizarre problem with mdlops...

I installed the newest version yesterday, and when I attempt to read/write a model for TSL, mdlops hangs at "reading binary model".

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, now I can't use mdlops 0.5, which I had working fine yesterday but now throws this error when I try to read/write a binary:
reading binary file
Tk::Error: can't open MDX file
Tk callback for .button2
Tk::__ANON__ at /PerlApp/ line 247
Tk::Button::butUp at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 111
(command bound to event)

Anyone know what I can do about this? It's a terribly inconvenient time for mdlops to stop working just as I was about to make an attempt to learn how to make models and remodel some things.

ETA: And if anyone could direct me to where in the blazes mdlops is keeping its history file, I'd be much obliged--it doesn't seem right that I can try every which way but up to try to get mdlops to forget it ever existed on my machine but it can still find the last folder I opened anything with it.

Son of ETA: Never mind on the first part, I figured out the problem was mostly EBCAK, but with a side of TSL having mismatched lists of .mdl and .mdx files. In other words, I thought I had the .mdx files but I didn't (because TSL didn't HAVE .mdx files for the .mdls I'd extracted...). ::headdesk:: I would like to know where mdlops hides its history though. ::slinks off to the land of dumb computer users::

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