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Originally Posted by Char Ell
So what exactly does Hybrid Crossfire do? If I were to get this mobo and install a HD 3870 discrete card on it would my games be able to utilize both the HD 3870 and the onboard HD 3200 to render the display or only the 3870? From the bit-tech article it doesn't sound like Hybrid Crossfire will initially support switching between the onboard and the discrete GPU.
Sorry I thought it explained that in the article, but I've definitely read it somewhere, I'll maybe try and dig it up at some point.

Hybrid CrossFire means just that, instead of having to use two identical cards, you can use two different ones, but in this particular case, it's an on-board GPU with a discrete card.

The on-board handles pretty much everything in Windows (even Vista Aero) as it's the most powerful on-board solution to date.
When you start up a game, the discrete card will kick in on top of the on-board graphics to give you Hybrid Crossfire, which gives you a decent boost in certain games apparently, even more so because the on-board GPU on the above mentioned mobo is apparently a doozy to overclock without any extra need for cooling. Even though it's not as powerful as an HD3870 or even 3850, boosting the core from 500Mhz to about 700/750Mhz is nothing to sniff at, couple that with a decent mid-range GPU (HD3850/3870) and the mid-range isn't quite as dull anymore!

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