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These should be included in BF3:
-more ships (especially the Naboo Starfighter, Slave I, and Millenium Falcon) and vehicles
-extensively improved gameplay for the first person player via things such as the ability to look around in the cockpit and a hold-to-aim control for weapons
-extensively improved overall gameplay via things such as melee attacks, corner popping, etc.
-more troop classes
-more maps
-larger maps
-more available upgrades
-more abilities that come with the advance in rank
-more weapons
-larger battles, meaning more units and capital ships on a map at a given time
-the option of heroes as well as heroe duels, such as thos in Dynasty Warriors
-more vulnerable core systems and explorable rooms on capital ships with the ability to take complete control of enemy capital ships
-the ability to pilot capital ships
-more specific missions such as destroying space stations and capturing waste plants
-historical missions such as the destruction of the Trade Federation ship by Annakin and the rescue of Chancellor Palpatine*.
*These missions could be integrated into story campaigns to add something else to the game than capturing command posts and killing, not that these get boring.

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