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There tech 'jump' is not that farfetched. Mainly like somebodys else already mentioned, there where a lot of wars in a short span.

Just look at our world, the jump of tech between WW I and WW II.

WW I is was still a combination between old tech and newer stuff.
The canons went from short ranges from 800m to big stuff of 5 km.

It was also the birth of Tanks, expirements what Airplanes could do to help in the war effort.

Its also the start for more advanced surgery, mainly on the face, to reconstruct or repair to the best they could.

The time between WWI and II is very short.

What do we see, tanks, airplanes are common in that war. Medical tech takes another jump with Bloodtransfusions and plasma.

I don't find it to hard to believe that in a serious timespan of a couple of 100 years the tech has again been improved and made avaible for public uses.

Which I imagine would then again improve, because new people could adjust it to their needs.

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