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"Not quite as much as I lead you to believe." Davison told the Ikriat, pulling out a small device from his pocket. He activated it, and the area in front of him was engulfed in a blinding white light. As the light faded away, Davison simply said, "Sweet dreams." to the Ikriat and the Anatolian, who were both now unconscious. After dragging them back to their ship, he began to make his way to the ruins. If the GPS data he had stolen from the Tanarians was accurate, it was about a kilometre west of where he was. Plenty of time for the Tanarians to spot him and make strawberry jam of him from space. He still worried that the Tanarians may have been tracking him since he raided the slave colonies and took as many slaves as he could into Free Space, but he felt that they had lost the trail after he left Tanarian space.

"May the Gods be with you, Commander." Balen said to Bekura, though he was never sincere in saying it. He personally thought Bekura a coward, too concerned with mercy to serve the faith and exterminate those deemed unfit for this plane by the gods. The humans were the worst of the lot. He was always more inclined to imprison and enslave them than kill them on the spot. They were a threat. The Prophecies had foretold this long ago, and meeting them only proved this. Their technology was not of the gods, and they could not merge it with their own, which had been given the gods long before the Prophecies were even written.

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