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Corruption in the Land of the Dead

After searching for a loong time I finally managed to find a copy of Grim Fandango, the "Lucas Arts Classic" version . I had played it years ago but never been able to find it again. But during the install process there was some trouble with the file VOX0003.LAB. After a lot of screwing around I managed to get the rest of the game to install properly. It works beautifully all the way to the end of the world (far enough for most games). But then when people try to talk it tries to read the file from the cd as the file isn't installed and the cd fails like it did during the install and the game freezes. I've tried copying the file from the cd to the hard drive but it refuses to copy more than 69% of it and acts as though the file on the cd is corrupt. (copy freezes at 69% then cd drive slows down and makes noises and finally explorer gives out and the system freezes.)

Any Help??? The CD is practically mint, straight out of the box, there are no scratches. I can't think of any reason why it would have trouble reading it. Is there anywhere I can get another copy of this file? anything I can do to play the rest of the game?
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