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Originally Posted by peepulwaxer
These should be included in BF3:
-more ships (especially the Naboo Starfighter, Slave I, and Millenium Falcon) and vehicles
-extensively improved gameplay for the first person player via things such as the ability to look around in the cockpit and a hold-to-aim control for weapons
-extensively improved overall gameplay via things such as melee attacks, corner popping, etc.
-more troop classes
-more maps
-larger maps
-more available upgrades
-more abilities that come with the advance in rank
-more weapons
-larger battles, meaning more units and capital ships on a map at a given time
-the option of heroes as well as heroe duels, such as thos in Dynasty Warriors
-more vulnerable core systems and explorable rooms on capital ships with the ability to take complete control of enemy capital ships
-the ability to pilot capital ships
-more specific missions such as destroying space stations and capturing waste plants
-historical missions such as the destruction of the Trade Federation ship by Annakin and the rescue of Chancellor Palpatine*.
*These missions could be integrated into story campaigns to add something else to the game than capturing command posts and killing, not that these get boring.
Dude why would you wanna be captain of a capital ship and als on more troop classes would be very annoying.
It would be better if they decrease the number.

And the number need to depend on the number of vehicles. I don't want clone commanders on Kashyyyk or Kamino, just let them be the standard infantry on that cold industrial planet where the fight is with ki adi mundi.
So number of carbine infantry should be 16, shock troopers 6, 4 jetpack troopers and also 6 engineers or pilots!!!
Absolutely no snipers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And als no unlocks, it means you don't have enough skill for the standards and it means you are nooby, and you aren't worth the game.

That will be al.

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