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Please people, be supportive of your own country. We are in a war and certain measures must be taken. This war isn't half as bad as WWII or Vietnam. At least the US citizens supported America's cause in WWII, and this led to a victory for democracy and peace for the world.

Vietnam was a different story though. Hippies and other Americans didn't support American troops one bit, we lost that war and now America is still technically still at war with Korea. If this war turns out to be like Vietnam we could have a nuclear crysis on our hands.

If we pull out of Iraq now, terrorists groups could conquer other middle eastern countries, stock pile their resources and launch a full scale attack on American soil. It would be worse than 9/11 by far. So instead of complaining about the War on Terror, be supportive of the country that you live in, the troops that fight and defend our country. War is not a pretty thing, its just that this war seems worse because the press is all over in Iraq.

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