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Originally Posted by Tyrion
The best way to keep Middle Eastern countries from terrorist overtake is to make the region stable and prosperous. Attempting to invade every Middle Eastern country in an attempt to quell terrorists only results in more hatred towards the US.

Kudos! I agree. That region will only become stable after the country has begun to be relieved of the backbreaking poverty many of its citizens experience.

If you really want to kill terrorism, I mean really kill it, make the Middle East a prosperous place for the people who live there.

The root of terrorism is religious fundamentalism (of course, U.S. interference doesn't help the situation). Religious fundamentalism seeks to oppress its citizens, it keeps them poor, keeps them rooted in a way of thinking that went out of style with Chain Mail armor and Scimitars. If you gave these same people jobs that paid well, common sense would dictate that potential terrorists would rather make money and support their families by working rather than strapping a bomb to their chest and running into a cafe full of Jews in Tel Aviv.

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