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"Point a rifle at me and you'll get more than you bargained for sentient," Zephyr replied facing the one pointing a rifle in his direction. His eyes lost the pupil and became a clouded white with the lids edged in back. It was a commoon trait of his people. Strangely enough only the warriors did that. He moved slightly to stand in front of the Human, his guard hairs standing erect. He then said to the Human though he faced the intruder, "You may come on our ship. We are being tracked by the Tanarians as well for freeing some of their slaves. We caused some trouble on the Calypsa moon a while back." He switched his tail.

Bekura was summoned to the bridge where his first officer reported a vessel not the stock freighter but a different class. He looked at the schematics but didn't bat an eye. So it is true. At least one Human remains. He gave the order, "Assemble an away team to search the vessel. If there are any sentients, bring them back alive." He eyed his first officer with a firm look.

Nymphadora watched as the Tanarian Ancients and her Elders make peace with each other and began to share technology. Then the persecutions began nearly a hundred years after. Suddenly she was shot to the present. She saw a ship orbiting the planet. She saw the Tanarians were coming. She opened her eyes gasping for air. She looked around and founde herself on the ship and Zephyr no where to be found. She sat up to hold her head from the pounding headache. Z, you're driving this time.

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