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I need some more help...

I got everything a while back, and last weekend I just got around to putting it all together. But I ran into a problem. The motherboard I bought apparently needs to be plugged into the PSU via a 4-pin ATX 12V cable... it definitely says so in the manual. But I don't have one. I read up on it, and apparently older motherboards tended to require the 4-pin cable in order to give the processor a bit more juice. Is that right? But the mobo I have definitely supports Core 2 Duo. The cable didn't come with the mobo and it didn't come with the PSU either. There doesn't seem to be anywhere where you can buy said cable seperately. What can I do about it?

^ Picture (not of my hardware, but a picture of what I mean, in case I haven't explained anything properly).

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