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A very interesting (and cute) episode, but the curse of the Crap Opening Episode still pretty much carries on. 'Smith & Jones' last year was pretty good actually, I suppose, but the rest have been fairly awful. Donna was much more likeable, and I loved Bernard Cribbins as her Grandad... but the whole episode was worth it for the "WOW!!" moment near the end.

Nah, it won't be Davros. This is a quote from the Radio Times:
I will update this when I can find my bloody copy of the Radio Times. Anyway, it says something like 'a big evil that has lived for centuries returns'
I hope this doesn't just mean the Daleks, because that will be very anti-climactic. My hope's are either Sutekh ('Pyramids of Mars'), Omega ('The Three Doctors' and 'Arc of Infinity'), or The Beast ('The Satan Pit').

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