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I've just played Weekend Warrior through. It's a very interesting example of what it's possible to achieve in an off-the-shelf FPS engine, although the fact it's been "knocked up" by some students in a few months is painfully evident.

With a little bit more attention paid to camera positioning and movement, this game would have felt so much more cinematic and innovative. As it is, its static camera angles remind me of Grim Fandango - no bad thing - but the uninspiring moving-camera scenes are more akin to Tomb Raider, the camera always pointing exactly where you don't want it.

Oh, and for anyone still clinging to the idea that some kind of wacky hybrid between direct control and point-and-click should have been used for Grim Fandango and Mokee 4, just give Weekend Warrior a try. The controls are horrible.

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