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I know, and I cry myself to sleep every night at the thought of it.

The new series of Doctor Who is lacking something, for the most part, so I don't think I'll bother to continue watching it. Let's call it idealism, the idea that children would sit down week after week and watch the same old character run around the same old quarry for four weeks, and that this was exciting. I know kids nowadays have more stimulating things in their lives, like their hundreds of cartoon channels and stabbing people on buses, but do they really have to cram every Doctor Who story into 45 minutes? That's barely long enough to wait around for the average train, never mind develop a complex story about time and space and fate, and ****.

And Russell T Davies fills at least five of those minutes every week with some love affair ball-bags between the Doctor and, no doubt starting this week, "whats-her-face".

Bah, all in all. I'll stick to my Sylvester McCoy ;

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