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I think they should add objectives in conquest. Both sides could still capture any cp thay want, but some would have special effects like controlling moving bridges or shielded hallways. If you control the cp, then you can walk safely through the laser screens. If you're an enemy, you'll be toast. Also, special objectives.
For example: on Utapau the reps start from a cruiser in the center of the sinkhole. They could destroy the AA turrets and hunt down General Grievous. If the AA turrets are destroyed, then the turrets stop shooting rep aircraft and the enemy takes a reinforcement penalty of 15% of their original reinforcements. Killing Greivous would be another 15% plus the enemy would lose their radar or something.
On the other hand, the droids can destroy the rep cruiser for a big reinforcement penalty.
Also, there would be Base Cp's that take 2-3 times longer to capture and count as 2-3 cp's.
Some cp's may trigger events such as falling skyscrapers in coruscant or avalanches or the death star attacking an enemy ship.
That would give players a reason to work and stay together.
Also, they need TeamDeathMatch and Deathmatch. These modes should feature smaller, better designed, multi-layer maps suited for small groups.
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