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For ****s sake read what I'm writing.

I don't want to ban anything:

Originally Posted by Fealiks
I don't want to ban TV, I've already made that clear. I like TV.
Originally Posted by Fealiks
I'm not saying ban violent games or films, I love violent games and films.
And I didn't say that violent media would trigger anything, I clearly said that it would just move things along

Originally Posted by Fealiks
They could have done it anyway without watching the film, but their chances of success would probably have been lower.
See? What I'm saying is, if someone with the potential to kill sees someone do it on TV, it could give them the confidence, and sometimes the know-how to succeed.

And this isn't a court case, it's a friendly argument, I don't have to provide evidence for everything I say. Logic should be good enough.
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