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Originally Posted by Darth Badguy
In my opinion, the execution of order 66 was really really bad. The clones could have done it without any losses and even Yoda and Obi One could have been killed.

Take Ki Adi Mundu. The clones get Order 66 and what do they do? They go stand behind him and reload, one by one. I mean, wtf? They could have reloaded a long time before and if they had to reload now, reload together, not one after the other... even a gungan could have taken some clones with him now...

And what about obi-one? Instead of using a large group of snipers to take him down and some heavy troopers with bazookas to fisnih it, COdy decides to take ONE, SINGLE heavy trooper!!! Why? In the battle of Utapau there were THOUSANDS of clones...

Yoda at last. A clone trooper walks toward a Scout Trooper to tell him "Let's kill Yoda". A Scout Trooper. He has a damn sniperrifle!!! And what do they doe? They walk towards Yoda and stop one meter behind him...
Yes, and what are the chances of Anakin attempting to leap over Obi-Wan's head to gain the "high-ground"? What are the chances of Darth Maul simply standing, motionless, after Obi-Wan had leaped over his head? What are the chances of Anakin having a bad dream about Padme? What are the chances of Palpatine being elected as Supreme Chancellor after the dissolution of Chancellor Valorum? What are the chances of Grievous opting to fight Obi-Wan alone, after jumping down in front of a massacre of droids?

Jesus Christ; just try to enjoy the film for what it is, as opposed to sitting at a computer dissecting it, shot-for-shot.

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