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For my LSF, Len Krath

1) Sentinel/Watchman. Means I don't have to worry about who I bring along to dungeons if she can personally open all the doors, pinch all the mines and set all the robots on "Meet and Greet".

2) She used the Zeishon Sha armour until the butt guard began to restrict her dex bonus. I then moved on to wearing Makutai robes (The ones using the chunky master model). I can't remember what accessories she had, though I do know they all gave dex boosts.

3) Double-bladed ice blue saber (From one of the "plethora of lightsaber colours : D" mods)

4) Erm... What was the default one again? If there was ever a situation where one was desperately needed, I was probably too busy struggling for survival to switch to it.

5) Force Storm for fighting groups, Battle Meditation as the buff, Heal for stopping Bao Dur from sacraficing himself to the cannocks.


For my DSM, Nicholas Macen

1) Guardian/Maurauder

2) Began by poncing about in heavy armour for as long as it was viable not to use force powers (I always wondered why there was so much heavy armour in this when only Disc/HM can wear it by default and they're both easily jedifiable). Then moved on to a dark jedi knight robe, and dressed all his sidekicks in dark padawan robes to make them remember who's boss. Wore Sith Power Gauntlets, can't remember the rest of his gear.

3) Dual-wielded lightsabers. One green, one red. Green was the only crystal that he had lying around to construct his first saber, after sticking a red one on it to enhance his evil status I decided they looked pretty together.

4) The default one, though I made a habit of killing the Jedi Masters with their own lightsaber forms.

5) Used Force Storm for kicks every once in a while, and burst of speed for travelling long distances because there's no "transit back" in TSL.
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