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1) Sentinel/Watchman for LS, and I usually go Sentinel/Lord for DS (just for the title )

2) Armor: the best Jal Shey or Zeishon Sha armor I can find, upgraded with BioRestorative underlay and Energy Resistance overlay. Other items: Anything that boosts Wisdom, Dexterity Constitution, or vitality regeneration.

3) Two lightsabers (one short), viridian and cyan. Last time I played (was DS), I stuck with one silver lightsaber, to make things harder. And in my current playthrough, I'm a gunslinger.

4) I really only use the Force form that allows for increased FP regeneration.

5) Push/Whirlwind/Wave, Shock/Lightning/Storm, Slow/Affliction/Plague, and stun/stasis/stasis field (if LS), or fear/horror/insanity (if DS/if I have enough FP when LS--usually late in the game). And after Dantooine when DS, just Force Crush, and nothing else.

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